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Dear Neighbors, Friends and Family

As you prepare to cast your ballot on November 5th, I know you will carefully consider the future of our community. We the residents of Hancock County have a unique opportunity as well as an obligation to thoughtfully shape our future.  

As I campaign door to door, I find that we are all residents wanting to gain economic strength through fiscal responsibility and strong economic development initiatives. As your State Representative, I will   continue to be responsible for working with each of you to move our county forward. At the same time, I will work with individuals and groups to aggressively and creatively market our community. 

As a lifetime resident of this County,  and as the proud father of four children, my number one priority is to provide a safe and prosperous place for our children to live, learn and grow.  As your Representative, I will invite “outside the box” thinking and development to encourage these necessary developments for improvement. I will relentlessly push for the continued reconstruction of our county’s infrastructure and encourage new growth. 

Yes, there is much to do.  And I know we can do it if we work together. That’s why I am running for State Representative – to bring us together to get the job done!!

It is an honor to be your candidate for Hancock County’s voice in Jackson. I am confident that my knowledge, drive, dedication, and loyalty will exceed your expectations.