About brent

    A lifetime resident of Hancock County, Brent Anderson and his wife, Maureen, currently live in Waveland with their four children: Little Brent, Ethan, Jaxson, and Bree. Brent is the son of Mrs. Janet Saucier Power and stepfather Mr. William “Bill” Power.

   For over 20 years, Brent has served this community by working in many different roles. He started his public service career as a Bay St. Louis Fire Fighter at age 23. Brent left the fire department only to take a new position with the Waveland Police Department, where he was instrumental in creating the Narcotics Division for the Bay-Waveland Task Force. After serving 10 years in the police department, Brent moved to his current position as Waveland’s Public Works Director, Building Official and Federal Recovery Manager. Brent also currently serves as chairman of the Hancock County Utility Authority.

   Outside of work, you can usually find him behind the grill cooking for many community and charity events. Brent is proud to be a founding member of “The Lost Cause” cooking team, which has traveled to disaster areas in Texas, North Carolina and Florida to cook for victims of Hurricanes. Since 2008, Brent has been an active member of the Waveland Civic Association which holds many community events and fundraisers throughout the year in Waveland. The Anderson family actively attends St. Clare Catholic Church.